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I love to create easy-to-use and impressive interfaces and experiences.

I am an accomplished UX Expert, Creative Thinker, Design Leader, Front-end Developer and Problem Solver for 8+ years. I have designed user experiences and built user interfaces for products, services and marketing initiatives for different organizations/ clients/ brands including startups and corporates i.e. URComped, Kanex, BagCupid, TOTAGO and many more…

I strive to create user experience that is engaging, intuitive and easy for eyes. I make things easy to find & understand and fun to explore. I take the frustration and irritation out, of searching for important information & completing tasks. I enjoy creating entire user experiences that are intuitive & creative.

My work

The Project

The client wanted their entire E-commerce website redeveloped with modern design and better user experience.

The Client

Kanex is an innovative leader in connectivity solutions for Apple, iOS, PC and Android.

The Project

The client wanted the design, simple and straight to the point, with user friendly filtering and search.

The Client

BagCupid is like a dating website but rather than finding a soulmate, you find your dream bag. It offers the easiest way to help bag shoppers find the perfect bag.

The Project

The client wanted their landing page revamped and design & develop their main app from scratch.

The Client

TOTAGO inspire value and appreciation of the outdoors by expanding public access to parks, wilderness, and open space worldwide.

The Project

The client wanted to redesign their current website and improve the user experience to gain more partners and users.

The Client

UrComped creates memorable casino travel experiences and negotiates aggressively to ensure that thousands of UrComped members receive the best offers, comps and VIP service possible based on their level of play.

Technology, if implemented in the right manner, should offer an experience so seamless that users do not even realize that it exists.

Client Testimonials

Micah Zoltu

Founder, Zoltu | Portland, Oregon

Arpit is a great UX designer. He seems to really think about the user experience and not just throw together something without thought. There were a couple design points that I was a stickler on and he was willing to give me what I wanted in those scenarios even when he may not have agreed with them. Though he did let me know his opinion in a cordial way which was most appreciated.

Adrian Laurenzi

Principal, TOTAGO | Seattle, Washington

Arpit did excellent work for us. I was particularly impressed with their design work and he also did a great job asking key clarifying questions about the project as things came up. Their attention to detail is exceptional and its clear he knows his tools very well. They are honest and upfront making him a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Arpit.

Cale Sherry

CTO, | Dallas, Taxas

Arpit has produced expert quality work for us and they have been a valuable asset in designing our website UI and UX.

Kenneth Prince

Founder, Insurance Engine | New York

Arpit is a professional and takes initiative to create value, uncover problems, and solve them. Highly recommended.

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